Kawasaki Newsletter

7 Heinäkuu 2020 2021 KX250 delivers more power and rider focused features

The big news for the 2021 season is that the impressive Kawasaki KX250 comes to the starting gate with the most peak power ever plus a host of “rider-centric” features set to reconfirm its place as the standout bike in its class.

At the core of the updated racer is a state-of-the-art engine offering an additional 1kw (1.4PS) at peak power without sacrificing the low and mid-range urge so characteristic of Kawasaki’s “win from the box” racer.  

Equally valuable for racers is an increase to the rev ceiling of an extra 350rpm adding to the KX250’s already impressive over-rev performance.

New additions for a new season do not stop there in fact, appropriately, that is just where they start with the welcome addition for the 2021 model year of an electric starter for the first time on a KX250 as well as the logical adoption of a hydraulic clutch of the same type used on the KX450 since the 19MY model.

The ability to remount and restart after bike and rider hit the dirt is obvious and the seconds saved could well mean the difference between the top and middle step of the podium. Kawasaki engineers also appreciate that “instant gains” like quick starting are just part of the picture and the race-long reliability and durability of an easy to operate hydraulic clutch are also great to have as part of the standard specification.

In terms of styling and running gear the “new spec for a new season” story continues with changes to the slim, ergonomic bodywork evident and less easy to spot, a new frame and swinging arm combination modelled on the highly successful KX450 chassis.

Additionally, the standard settings of the suspension have been refined to better absorb bumps and aid traction while a series of adjustments in the braking group facilitates an even greater degree of control. Speaking of control, a choice of four handlebar positions and two foot-peg settings allows riders to personally tailor their riding position to suit body size and preference.

Add established features such as the option of an accessory Fi calibration kit for ultra-fine tuning in addition to the three easy to interchange “tuning plugs” and the KX250 for the new season becomes a logical and almost mandatory choice for riders who crave racing success.

Kawasaki KX250 – the success story continues.