Kawasaki Newsletter

29 Syyskuu 2009 Award-winning Versys on top of the game again

Difficult to explain and impossible to categorise, the Versys is one of those machines that that exceeds the sum of its parts. The Versys offers a truly superior platform from which riders can maximise riding fun in any number of street riding situations. One ride is all it takes to confirm that the Versys does indeed deliver on its any-street promise.

Internationally praised by the press and customers alike, the Versys is highly acclaimed for its versatility and a playful character best understood by riding it. The bike features engine characteristics, chassis balance and suspension settings all selected to maximise rider enjoyment on the street. With its superb control and feedback, the Versys offers a high level of rider confidence in numerous street riding situations and accommodates a variety of riding styles.

For 2010, the new Versys maintains the essential package of its predecessor, but new styling and a number of other upgrades mean it is more fun to ride than ever.

The bike has sharper new styling better reflecting its nimble, sporty nature. A number of cosmetic changes give it a slimmer, sleeker look, and the sculpted new bodywork adds to the Versys’ dynamic image: like an athlete, the new model exudes flexibility and strength. Further, a more refined finish contributes to its higher-quality appearance.
Enhanced tandem comfort, revised mirrors with improved visibility, new accessories and optional ABS mean the new Versys is better equipped than ever to provide a fun street riding experience.
All the 2010 Versys needs to get you convinced of it's unique package is one test ride...

Some key features:
- Sharper new styling
- Better wind protection
- More touring potential
- More duo rider comfort
- Long-travel suspension and sporty 17” wheels
- Slim, upright riding position
- Compact, parallel twin engine, tuned for low and midrange performance