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31 Heinäkuu 2020 Eight craft Kawasaki Jet-Ski range for 2021 season

Widely acknowledged as playing a fundamental role in the birth of personal watercraft, the latest off-spring of the Kawasaki Jet-Ski fleet are taking to the water ready for a new season afloat. With no less than eight models in the line for 2021, personal watercraft fans will be able to choose from both multi-seat models and the latest version of Kawasaki’s engaging solo “stand-up” Jet-Ski.

Each model in the 2021 range is equipped with either a normally aspirated or supercharged four-cylinder, four-stroke specialised Kawasaki marine engine according to model, created for individual applications from entry level to the top of the range craft. 
Conveniently grouped in three elements, the range comprises STX, Ultra and SX-R models with a menu of specifications and additional accessories allowing water sports fans to create a craft that suits their needs perfectly.

The STX160 three seater range comprises three craft with the recently restyled STX160 which will appear in a Gelcoat Crystal White and Sunbeam Red colour scheme. At the next level the STX160 X  - which for 2021 will feature an Ebony and Lime Green livery adds cruise control to the already impressive specification and, at the head of the STX range, the STX160 LX which includes such refinements as a luxury seat and Bluetooth enhanced audio system and will be available in an Ebony and Candy Lime Green combination. Calling on 152PS of thrust from their 16 valve, normally aspirated double overhead cam engines, the STX line is perfect for those new to personal watercraft or families who want an adaptable and fun recreational vehicle.

Moving to the highest specification, multi-seat Jet-Ski watercraft for the incoming season, there are no less than four Ultra craft for 2021 starting with the normally aspirated Ultra LX in Ebony and Riptide Turquoise as an entry point then the next level craft, the Ultra 310X in Ebony and New Citrus Yellow and the Ebony and Metallic Carbon Gray Ultra 310LX which benefits from supercharger technology. Finally, at the head of the head of the multi-seat fleet, is the Ultra 310R sporting an Ebony and Lime Green colour-way matched to a robust, reliable and responsive Supercharged, four-cylinder engine.

On its own – appropriately – is the lone Kawasaki solo “stand up” Jet-Ski in the upcoming range, the formidable SX-R. Packing a remarkable 1498cc four-cylinder, water cooled, normally aspirated engine secreted under its Ebony and Lime Green bodywork for 2021, this is a solo for the committed enthusiast who likes to carve the tightest turns and leave others in their wake.

Reinforcing their place at the centre of the recreational and extreme personal watercraft scene, Kawasaki is confident that those looking to replace or upgrade in the 2021 season – as well as those taking to the water for the first time - will find the right craft, in the right specification and in the most attractive colour combination at their local Kawasaki Jet-Ski watercraft dealer as these impressive new models become available.