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29 Syyskuu 2009 Flagship tourer 1400GTR gets even better

Building on the already potent performance of it predecessor, the 2010 1400GTR incorporates new touring features and adds the latest rider support technology. Delivering both awesome supersport performance and comfortable long-distance touring potential, the 1400GTR stands apart from its rivals.

The motorcycle incorporates KTRC, which is Kawasaki’s first traction control system. This rider aid ensures that the bike maximises rear tire grip, even under the most difficult circumstances. The system performs with a natural smoothness, minimising the effect on the bike’s riding behaviour.

Above this, the 2nd Generation K-ACT co-active braking system offers better braking performance under all riding conditions. The rider can select from 2 modes to suit riding situation or rider preference.

The wind screen is taller and is now electronically adjustable, keeping the rider protected from the elements. To further add to comfort, heated grips come as standard equipment.

The new bodywork ensures smoother airflow, better engine heat dissipation and more view in the rearviewmirrors.

To encourage an environmental-friendly riding style, the 1400GTR now features an Eco Ride Indicator, which lets the rider know when fuel consumption is favourable. Apart from this, an added Fuel Economy Assistance Mode can be selected, which switches the injection to a leaner fuel map, prioritising fuel efficiency.

All in all, the new 1400GTR adds more comfort, more rider aids and more technology to an already potent touring package.

Some key features:
- KTRC, Kawasaki Traction Control
- K-ACT 2nd generation
- Higher, electronically adjustable wind screen
- New bodywork for more comfort
- ECO mode
- ECO Ride Indicator