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5 Lokakuu 2021 Kawasaki announces three model 310 Jet Ski range for 2022

Recognised as a core innovator in the personal watercraft arena, Kawasaki has harnessed decades of experience to create a three model 310 sit down Jet Ski line up for the 2022 season proudly featuring for the first time – and appropriately enough – the Kawasaki “River Mark” logo.

Witnessing a resurgence of interest in water-borne leisure vehicles in the recent past – particularly in the core USA market – Kawasaki is offering three levels of specification to potential 310 owners from entry level through mid-market and, of course, “fully loaded”.

Sharing an advanced hull configuration that combines inherent stability with instant and scalpel-like turning ability, as well as a stunning combined 168l of onboard storage, each 310 is powered by Kawasaki’s by now iconic 1,498cc inline 4-cylinder four-stroke marine engine complete with supercharger rated appropriately at 310PS – well why not!

A high efficiency pump proves thrust while avoiding annoying and inefficient cavitation and each craft is fitted as standard with KSRD (Kawasaki Smart Reverse with Deceleration) which, via two control levers on the right bar, offers sublime control of acceleration, deceleration, reverse, neutral and low speed maneuverability literally at the riders’ fingertips. 
Other performance related features for 2022 include a new “launch control” feature for fast and focused acceleration plus Power Mode selection allowing access to four power levels from full to SLO or learning mode. There is also a one touch 5mph setting to accommodate marina and in-shore “no wake zones”. Additionally, all three craft are also fitted with cruise control.

Another first for the coming season is electric trim control providing seven trim options to angle the jet pump according to prevailing conditions. In rough water the jet is inclined upwards to raise the bow while in smooth conditions it can be faced more downwards to lower the bow for increased turning performance.

Standard for the entry level 310X and across the other craft in the range is a 7” TFT meter display, easy-access storage and rear pocket plus mooring cleat and two cup holders. Multi-mount bars are also standard and allow the rider to fine tune the bar orientation to their desired riding position. In respect of the TFT not only does its on-screen appearance offer myriad options but it also displays an array of craft update information as well as a highly useful way point navigation feature for day-long adventures; entirely possible due to seating comfort, fuel economy and a capacious 80l fuel tank. 

For the mid-range LX-S – or Sport - the spec sheet grows with ULTRA Deck (including Multi-mount rail) and wide re-boarding step. In terms of bling, a high visibility wide-angle rear-view camera is fitted as well as accent lighting, useful for craft identification in low light conditions.

At the zenith of the 310 range for the coming season sits the mighty LX (Luxury), a craft with an enviable list of standard features with all the performance and quality items that would be extras on some craft yet come as part of the showroom package on the LX.  

Chief among the upgrades for the new season on the water is the least version of Kawasaki’s onboard Bluetooth equipped entertainment system, JETSOUND 4, that has in impressive four speakers with 190W(60Wx2 & 35Wx2) of total system power. There is also the inclusion of ERGO-FIT LXury seat as standard fitment allowing an even greater degree of fine tuning to the riding position. The seat is additionally available as an add-on accessory for the other two craft in the range.

And speaking of accessories; there are a veritable armada of them including new-for-’22 items such as Soft Stern Bag, Soft Cooler, Visor Bag, Front Hatch Dry Bag, Side Hatch Dry Bag and Storage Cover. These join many of the afore-mentioned standard items that can be added to any of the other craft in the 310 range.

Three personal watercraft and three different base specifications with the ability to add accessories to your hearts content. Vote afloat in 2022; the decision is 310 from Kawasaki, the only tough choice is which one? 

2022 Season 310 In short:
The “Standard” model of the Series – if any model with a 310 PS output can be called “standard” – is loaded with flagship features including the 7” TFT display, KSRD, a slim new seat, Easy-Access Storage, Easy-Access Rear Pocket, Easy-Access Cleats, Multi-Mount Bars and cup holders.  Its vivid colouring gives it an active image.
Colour: Ebony / Metallic Electric Turquoise
All the great equipment of the 310X, plus accent lights, a rear-view camera and the ULTRA deck, with built-in Multi-Mount Rail.  Sportily clad in Lime Green with luxury highlights, it exudes an unmistakable Kawasaki image.
Colour: Ebony / Lime Green
All the great equipment of the 310LX-S, plus JETSOUND 4s, the ERGO-FIT LXury Seat, and a stylish meter visor.  With gold and brown wood tones, the 310LX offers a luxurious image unlike any previous JET SKI.
Colour: Ebony / Metallic Shadow Gold