Kawasaki Newsletter

13 Syyskuu 2021 Kawasaki ilmoittaa perustavansa uuden yhtiön ja lisäksi merkittäviä tuoteinvestointisuunnitelmia

As businesses globally consider the challenges and possibilities that a hoped-for post pandemic world will bring, Kawasaki has shown characteristic optimism announcing a new company within the KHI group, investment in products, upscaled global manufacturing ability and, crucially, the creation of much needed new jobs.

In communications to dealer networks across America and Europe, a senior Kawasaki executive expressed optimism sharing news of significant financial and human investment to take place in the near future. Hiroshi Ito, President of the Motorcycle & Engine Company at Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd (KHI) laid out plans for a positive uplift in focus. The headline of Kawasaki’s future plans he shared is a US$265 million (€224m) investment to increase production capacity for the USA and rest of world markets over the next five years.

“The stated investment is expected to include, but is not limited to, expansion of the existing factory in Nebraska as well as the exciting news of the creation of a new manufacturing facility in Mexico”, Mr Ito declared.

The human result of this investment, as Mr Ito explained; “Will create thousands of more jobs in the US and Mexico”.

Continuing the good news, Mr Ito added,

“Kawasaki is also increasing investments in new product development which will be available in the near future, especially in the growing MULE, ATV and JetSki markets as well as innovative new street motorcycles, our new electric, hybrid, and hydrogen power source projects and off-road motorcycles”.

With such a global reach, Mr Ito took the opportunity to share the news that Kawasaki is seeking positive business change opportunities across the board. One example being the establishment of a new company in Japan as part of the KHI group.

“Kawasaki will change its organisation significantly in order to enable agile action in the rapidly changing world.  Kawasaki’s worldwide powersports (covering motorcycles, JetSki personal watercraft and recreational vehicles) and general-purpose engine businesses will become an independent company known as “Kawasaki Motors, Ltd” at the beginning of October 2021”

With Mr Ito as its first President and CEO, Kawasaki Motors Ltd, along with an array of other pro-active strategic decisions, define an agile company relishing the future and ready to rise to the challenges expected in the short, medium, and long term.
Editors note: Details of the new company and other key business topics will be the subject of a speech being delivered by Mr Ito at Port Hall Takeshiba in Tokyo on 6th October 2021.