Kawasaki Newsletter

7 Lokakuu 2021 Kawasaki releases information on new company, new direction, and new products

At a press conference in Tokyo on October 6, the President of the newly formed Kawasaki Motors, Ltd., Mr Hiroshi Ito, delivered a keynote speech covering not just the details of a new company but also outlining numerous other important updates.

As part of a Business Policy Briefing, Mr Ito explained the reasoning for establishment of the new company, Kawasaki Motors, Ltd., which will focus on the manufacture of powered two wheelers, off-road four-wheeled vehicles, Jet Ski personal watercraft and general-purpose engines.

Created to give greater flexibility speed and autonomy of decision making, the new company is being seen as core to its ability to react quickly to market trends and respond with not just new products but also harness emerging motive and safety technologies.

Examples unveiled both during the briefing event and in the recent past include an EV two-wheeler, a Hybrid motorcycle combining gasoline and electric power and first sight of a development motor based on a Ninja H2 power plant fuelled by hydrogen.

One of the central pillars of the new strategy for Kawasaki Motors, Ltd. is a focus on sustainable growth and via this to raise the corporate strength and value of the brand to a projected Net Sales of 1 trillion Yen by 2030.

Part of the change will also encompass a new visual identity including the worldwide adoption of the River Mark, a symbol synonymous with Kawasaki and its products since the founding of the company in the 1870’s; along with the promotion of the strapline, Let the Good Times Roll - another well-established sentiment recognised by customers globally.
Kawasaki Motors, Ltd. will concentrate its energies exclusively on motorcycles, off-road four-wheeled vehicles, Jet Ski personal watercraft and engines while striving towards carbon neutrality combining all the knowledge and heritage accrued over decades of production and the desire to meet new challenges with new forms of motive power.

Stating that the new corporate goal is to introduce ten EV or Hybrid motorcycles by 2025, plans were also unveiled for the development of five new advanced fuel off-road four-wheeled vehicles in the same time frame.

The new company is not simply about the product itself, but also the development of complementary technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, integration of radar technology and customer-centric interfaces such as the Kawasaki’s Rideology App which connects the customer’s smartphone to their vehicle via Bluetooth.

To do this product planning and product design will receive greater investment while the use of digital twin simulation technology will be accelerated. The company is working on the basis that connectivity and interaction with product will grow exponentially in the coming years with Kawasaki Motors, Ltd. being among the key players in this specialist field.
Kawasaki Motors, Ltd. plans to introduce an average of 16 new two-wheel models per year by 2025 focusing on premium areas of stable demand in terms of products with marketing activities promoting traditional and innovation. For electric and hybrid vehicles the plan is equally ambitious with a commitment to unveil 10 new models by 2025.

The newly established Kawasaki Motors, Ltd., will strive toward a secure, remotely connected society which transforms the movement of people and goods while providing solutions that address energy and environmental ambitions.