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22 Syyskuu 2023 New KX450 models set to be unleashed for 2024

The latest iteration of the KX450 family - comprising the KX450 and KX450X - are set to be unleashed and an impressive number of new season updates have been incorporated ensuring that the race winning positioning of both machines remains where it belongs – at the front of the pack.

A multiple MXGP race and overall event winner in its KX450-SR guise, thanks to Romain Febvre and the Kawasaki Racing Team, the KX450 for 2024 retains its robust reliability and performance while integrating new rider-focused race tech.
The first full model change for five years reveals increased engine performance thanks to a new downdraft intake plus symmetrically aligned intake and exhaust ports. Brembo brake components and ODI Lock-On grips are adopted for the first time. Improved front end feel thanks to new chassis architecture is another refinement. Also, in the deep tech zone, Power Modes and Kawasaki Traction Control (selectable from switches at the left handlebar) plus smartphone connectivity make this easily the highest spec KX450 ever.
In terms of that famous 449 cm3 liquid-cooled, electric start, hydraulic clutch equipped engine, yet more power is unleashed thanks to changes in both the inlet and exhaust areas while new mode buttons on the left handlebar mean riders can quickly and easily switch between two engine maps (Normal and Mild response) provided within the ECU. Additionally, KX riders can now benefit from Kawasaki’s famous KTRC selecting two options of traction control (again from left bar buttons) or even chose to switch KTRC off.
Launch control also features on the spec sheet and so too smartphone connectivity whereby riders can adjust engine maps and other settings using the unique to Kawasaki Rideology app – no more need for trackside laptops and cables! 
The level of detail that Kawasaki engineers have gone into for the new KX450 and KX450X is astonishing. All areas of the package have been examined – and where warranted – upgraded. The new KX bodywork comprises new shrouds, side covers and rear mudguard plus an easier to remove side cover design that allows swift air filter access.
The chassis is also new with a revised structural rigidity that contributes to increased front end feel as well as accommodating the new exhaust pipe routing that plays such an important part in increased power allied to refinements in power delivery. Additionally, this more direct routing of the exhaust pipe allows the silencer to be moved forwards thus aiding mass centralisation. 
Much thought has also been expended on the entire braking package. Not simply the debut of a Brembo caliper up front, but also Brembo master cylinder and a Braking/Sunstar front disc rotor. At the rear, a 240 mm disc is gripped by a Nissin caliper, and a larger wheel hub is part of the 2024 package for increased rigidity.
In all there are nearly fifty notable changes and new updates to the KX450 and KX450X for 2024 - including even such things as optional engine hangers that allow riders to adjust the chassis rigidity balance to suit track conditions and the traction required. 
Romain Febvre of the Kawasaki Racing Team has proved on many occasions how potent the KX450 package is in MXGP. Now, for the new 2024 season, the bar has been reset even higher and rider expectations for success will also move upwards. The KX450 and KX450X are built for winners and it’s as true as ever that in 2024 Kawasaki will aim to deliver the bikes that build Champions.