Kawasaki Newsletter

29 Syyskuu 2009 New Z1000 ready to be unleashed onto the streets

The legendary Z1000 is back! In order to deliver a kind of excitement never before experienced with Super Naked models up until now, Kawasaki started the development of the new Z1000 started from scratch – essentially resulting in a Tailor-made Super Naked like you’ve never seen before.

Current Super Naked models are often no more than supersport models with the fairings removed, and were thus designed within various limitations. Conversely, with the new Z1000 these limitations were avoided. Being conceived in complete design freedom, the new Z1000 realises a stunning VISUAL IMPACT.

Conceived in complete design freedom for an entirely unique appearance, the new Z1000 really stands out of the crowd, showing Kawasaki craftsmanship from each and every little detail.

Supersport-based engines and chassis offer high performance, but the number of riders who are able to enjoy this performance on the street is limited. Rather than pursuing “speed” and performance figures, Z1000 development focused on the “excitement” derived from riding a sport bike on the street, thereby achieving a high RIDING IMPACT.
The new Z1000 is wild at heart and offers its rider a rewarding sense of exhilaration under all-day riding conditions. The new class-leading Super Naked will be out there on the streets, soon...

Some key features:
- High visual impact
- High riding impact
- Completely designed from a clean sheet
- All-new 1043cc engine delivers more power, more torque
- All-new chassis for superb handling