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29 Syyskuu 2009 Ninja ZX-10R gets upgrade for 2010

Designed to offer a high-level base package with the stock engine and chassis performance to satisfy even professional racers, the already potent Ninja ZX-10R receives some fine-tuning and a revised styling package for 2010.

The new front cowl gives the Ninja ZX-10R a stronger family resemblance to its smaller sibling, the Ninja ZX-6R. Above this, new inner fairings provide a tidier look around the handlebar area.
Adding to the effect of the minimalist bodywork, sharper new side panels use a greater amount of black to make the 10R appear even more compact.

A new muffler design contributes to a lighter looking appearance. Metallic gray paint, a dimpled finish and a minimalist end cover add a touch of class and contribute to the muffler’s smaller appearance.

For 2010, the 10R also receives a new-design Öhlins steering damper, and revisions to the transmission shift mechanism offer improved shift touch.

Imbued with technology tried and tested on Kawasaki racers, the Ninja ZX-10R shines on the track, especially on fast, flowing circuits. Although designed to offer maximum rider excitement on the circuit, the same qualities that enable its high circuit performance make it fun for sport riding on the street.

Some key features:
- Sharper new styling
- New muffler design
- New steering damper design
- 200 PS with RAM Air
- Dual injection
- KIMS for ultra-smooth throttle response
- Flickable handling
- Excellent feedback from the chassis
- Giving the maximum rider excitement