Kawasaki Newsletter

9 Elokuu 2022 Two specialisms and one focus for the 2023 Ninja 1000SX

Offering the best of both worlds, the Ninja 1000SX delivers exemplary sports and touring performance without a hint of compromise. The choice of many thousands of riders across Europe, the popularity of the 1,043 cm3 machine gains followers by the day, eager to sample its scalpel-like sporting edge and luxurious touring capacity either solo or with passenger. 

Fitted as standard with such features as Electronic Cruise Control, an Up-Down quick shifter, Assist and Slipper Clutch, Integrated Rider Modes (combining traction control and Power Modes) and a Cornering Management Function, the Ninja 1000SX represents a clever blend of all the essentials a supersport rider would expect and the necessary equipment to cross a continent in comfort. 

From a riding perspective, the highly praised TFT meter displays information clearly and acts as machine/rider interface when the Rideology smartphone App is used delivering yet more functionality.

Ninja-like in appearance, the distance wind protection offered by the cowling and four-way adjustable screen is complemented by the option of capacious panniers plus the convenience of ordering a machine as part of the Kawasaki Editions program in differing specifications from Tourer to Performance and, the ultimate, Performance Tourer.
Offering one new colour for 2023 and the continuation of the highly popular and iconic green option, the Ninja 1000SX looks set to increase yet further its appeal and special place in the sports and touring landscape.