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4 Lokakuu 2021 Ultimate Ninja maintains top spot for 2022

At the head of the auspicious Ninja family – and considerably ahead of any other production motorcycle in the world – the Ninja H2R blasts into 2022 in the same unique and unapologetic way that it first burst onto the world motorcycle stage in 2015. Then, as now, it adheres to its self-declared maxim, “built beyond belief”.

Highlighting the combined forces of Kawasaki’s corporate strength, the Ninja H2R is a machine without equal with technology that cascades to other machines within the Ninja family. Chief of those is the 100% in-house designed and manufactured integrated Supercharger equipped with an impeller that, at maximum revs, actually breaks the speed of sound.

Rated at over 300PS, the Ninja H2R is a track-only machine unbridled by restrictions. It embodies a Kawasaki expression of technology and performance, single minded in purpose and uncompromising in style. Harnessing the prodigious power of the four-cylinder water-cooled engine with its MotoGP inspired dog-ring transmission is a tubular trellis type chassis designed to withstand tremendous forces yet still exhibit the right amount of flex to deliver sublime handling. Tubes of varying widths and wall thicknesses are used all calculated using a unique Kawasaki computer simulation for stress and strength characteristics.

A single sided swinging arm is used supported by a Öhlins TTX36 rear suspension unit while Brembo provides exemplary stopping power via a pair of impressive front monobloc calipers. With its back-torque limiting “slipper” type hydraulic clutch and a range of Bosch IMU managed electronic rider aids such as a cornering management function and traction control, the H2R is eminently able to reach the outer boundaries of performance but always with safety in mind.

Visually the only word the springs to mind is “intimidating”. A frontal aspect that looks more like a stealth fighter than a motorcycle has the Kawasaki River Mark as its focal point; a logo that embodies the Kawasaki spirit of excellence. But that menacing look is not just for show, it also aids “go”. At the highest speeds huge downforce is created to plant the front tyre thanks to carbon wings on the cowling - which also has carbon parts - resplendent in its mirror coated matte spark black livery. The rider meanwhile crouches in an ergonomic and wind tunnel developed riding position aided by a seat with for and aft adjustable supportive side pads.

There are no overt graphics on the Ninja H2R, no outward signs of the awesome potential that lays within. In 2022 for an elite group of discerning riders worldwide with access to a track or off-road test facility and the necessary skills to ride the world’s most powerful production motorcycle, the chance to own the ultimate Ninja remains one of life’s great ambitions. Kawasaki Ninja H2R – Built Beyond Belief.